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Property Regulatory Authority

(National Property Regulatory Services Authority) are registered with the Property Regulatory Authority and have signed up to the Property Regulatory Authority’s code of practice.

New legislation shall apply to the regulation of all property services providers. These are persons involved either as corporate bodies, partnerships, sole traders or employees in :

  1. The purchase or sale, by whatever means, of any estate or interest in land (including buildings) wherever situated;
  2. The auction of private property other than land;
  3. The letting of any estate or interest in land wherever situated;
  4. The provision of property management services;

Thus Auctioneers, Estate Agents, Letting Agents and Property Management Agents will be regulated by the Authority. This will apply not only to property located in the Republic of Ireland, but also to transactions in Ireland which relate to property located abroad.

Regulation not only includes a licensing requirement, but also scrutiny by the Authority during the course of complaint investigations, audits or general inspections. The Authority will have power to sanction a licensee up to and including the suspension or revocation of a licence. Where it considers it necessary, the Authority may bring a prosecution against a licensee which may result in either a large fine or imprisonment or both. Where a person suffers a loss due to the dishonesty of a licensee the Authority may award compensation from the “Compensation Fund” which it will be required by law to maintain. All licensees will be required to pay into the Compensation Fund.

Property Regulatory Authority CODE OF PRACTICE

One of the functions of the Authority is to set standards for the provision of property services. A Code of Practice sets such standards of ethical behaviour and details how property services providers should deal with each other, their clients and the public.

The Authority has produced a Code of Practice for Property Services Providers (Auctioneers and Estate Agents) which can be downloaded here.
This Code sets out the minimum standards to be expected of Auctioneers and Estate Agents in the provision of property services. If you are concerned that an Auctioneer/Estate Agent has not applied these standards, check the Public Register of Licensees to see if he/she has subscribed to the code. If he/she is recorded as having subscribed to the Code, you can make a complaint to the Authority.

It should be noted that, while the Code is voluntary at present, once the Authority is put on a Statutory basis the Authority will have the power to make the Code a legally binding instrument.

If you have a complaint, regardless of whether the Auctioneer/Estate Agent has signed up to the Code, you may still write to the Authority and register your complaint for future reference.

How to complain about alleged non-compliance with the Code of Practice.
A complaint must be in writing and can be sent to :
The Disciplinary Board
2nd Floor
Abbey Buildings
Abbey Road
Co. Meath

You must identify yourself, giving full contact details of name, postal address, daytime phone number and e-mail address (if available). You must also identify the Auctioneer/Estate Agent, giving contact details. If you have been dealing with a specific person, please give that person’s name and contact details. You then must supply details of the nature of the complaint along with copies of any relevant documentation (which may include letters, e-mails, forms, advertisements).